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Goodbye kiss

2009.06.03. 22:22 readandlearn

Goodbye kiss forbidden in railway Read the article here. 1. KEY WORDS – PART 1 Find two words in the text meaning banish or forbid and two words meaning remake, renovate or reconstruct. 2. KEY WORDS – PART 2 Match the words and the synonyms. pecking, overthrow, claim, emerge, commuter,…

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Star signs

2009.03.01. 19:11 readandlearn

We only employ workers born under specific star signs, says insurance company By Mail Foreign Service   Read the article here. 1. KEY WORDS – PART 1 Match the words and the synonyms. recruit, constellation, claim, the authorities, superstition, gender, race, limitation 1. enlist,…

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Címkék: szövegértés astronomy angoltanulás reading comprehension learning english star signs carl sagan astrology

Toddler's art

2009.02.03. 10:17 readandlearn

My kid could paint that: toddler's art on show Clare Kermond January 8, 2009 IS THIS a story of a child prodigy or a deliberate joke at the expense of the art world? In the curious case of Aelita Andre, it could be both of those things — or neither. Read the article here on…

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Címkék: art painting szövegértés child abstract angoltanulás reading comprehension learning english


2009.01.23. 19:31 readandlearn

Thief caught out giving policeman's addressWed Jan 21, 2009 5:00pm ESTBERLIN (Reuters) - A German teen-ager caught shoplifting tried to dupe police by lying about where he lived -- but ended up in even more trouble when the address he gave turned out to be the home of an investigating officer.Read…

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Címkék: reuters szövegértés angoltanulás reading comprehension shoplifting learning english

The Peacelike Mongoose

2009.01.18. 16:15 readandlearn

James Thurber: The Peacelike MongooseIn cobra country a mongoose was born one day who didn't want to fight cobras or anything else. The word spread from mongoose to mongoose that there was a mongoose who didn't want to fight cobras. If he didn't want to fight anything else, it was his own business,…

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Címkék: the szövegértés thurber angoltanulás reading comprehension peacelike mongoose intolerance learning english

Appetite for destruction – destruction therapy

2009.01.05. 20:09 readandlearn

 Ever felt like hurling your computer out of the window? A Spanish company has come up with a way to help stressed out office workers vent their pent up aggression. Who needs shrinks when you have a sledgehammer?words by Emily DrewRead the article here in Sterling Magazine. 1. KEY WORDS…

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2008.12.29. 16:00 readandlearn

 Obesity: Gene discovery suggests some people are hardwired to overeat Ian Sample The Guardian, Monday December 15 2008 The discovery of six genes that raise the risk of obesity highlights the role of the brain in making people more likely to overeatRead the article here. 1.…

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Címkék: guardian szövegértés children angoltanulás obesity reading comprehension learning english losing weight

Could you pass the 11 plus?

2008.12.25. 17:40 readandlearn

 Could you pass the 11-plus?Thirty-two years after most grammar schools were abolished the 11-plus exam which controlled entry to them still divides opinion among parents and teachers. But how difficult was it? Read the article here on BBC, where you can also try a mini-version of the…

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most annoying phrases

2008.12.25. 17:38 readandlearn

A top 10 list of the world’s most annoying phrases cited by Bookninja. The original is here. See the comments too. 

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Címkék: szövegértés angoltanulás annoying phrases bookninja reading comprehension learning english

The Unicorn in the Garden

2008.12.25. 17:34 readandlearn

The Unicorn in the Gardenby JAMES THURBER (1894 - 1961)  James Grover Thurber (December 8, 1894 – November 2, 1961) was an American humorist and cartoonist. Read more about him here on wikipedia. You can read the story here. 1. KEY WORDS – PART 1Thurber liked word plays…

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Címkék: play word szövegértés unicorn thurber angoltanulás reading comprehension learning english

The woman with a tiny carbon footprint

2008.12.25. 17:27 readandlearn

Emine Saner The Guardian, Thursday November 13 2008 Forget planes, trains or automobiles - if Joan Pick wants to go anywhere, she runs. And she eats nothing but raw food. Is her lifestyle extreme or the future we must all face up to? Emine Saner meets her. Read the article here. 1. KEY WORDS…

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